A superb artist from Lower Normandy, Claude QUIESSE is as excellent a painter as he is a sketch artist, while also being an esteemed sculptor and yachtsman whose works are both pioneering and bold. By attending the School of Beaux-Arts in his hometown of Caen, Claude QUIESSE became fully aware of the fundamental value of drawing, and although he later enriched his talent by travelling around the world, he never lost the ability to express himself with simplicity and charm.

Not without a muffled sense of humour and a keen eye for observation, this artist composes his works with a technical mastery that creates a harmony of nostalgia, calling to mind the beauty of poetry. In an atmosphere of blurry mists of gold and silver, countless seascapes depicting masts and tangled sails, as well as somber groups of proud cavaliers, exemplify the infinitely dreamy enthusiasm of Claude QUIESSE. An fascinating painter, he possesses a truly creative mind which is always in search of the fascinating and surreal.


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